Setting Overview

Early History

And so it would come to pass that mankind would claim the capitals as their own and ascend to rulership

3 millenia ago mankind lived a simple existence on the far edges of the Supercontinent, far away from the safety and comfort afforded by the capitals of all of the states, where the dominant species, the Ancient Ones, ruled and enjoyed the comforts of the advanced technology that characterized the capitals.

Humans occasionally received small support by way of technology from the Ancient Ones, but due to the nature of the capitals, the most advanced tech the humans received were metal tools, nothing like the amazing technology that the Ancient Ones enjoyed in their daily lives. Aside from these small offerings, Humanity was alone in the face of of the monsters that stalked the edges of the Supercontinent until one day, the aid stopped coming, and humanity awakened its dormant potential, suddenly gaining access to the Magical arts, Psychic potentials and the higher levels of Ki manipulation.

With their inner potential awakened, Humanity no longer lived under the threat of many of the edge-dwelling beasts that once forced humanity to exist as isolated, nomadic tribes. With their new freedom, tribes banded together and moved inward towards the capitals, to find much of the land once occupied by the Ancient Ones abandoned. Along the way, some tribes broke off and began to dwell in untouched, but abandoned towns that still had vaguely functioning tech. But in time,most of Humanity made it to each of the newly-abandoned capitals to discover that most of the technology was no longer functional.

For a period, Humanity was simply content to live on the small scraps of tech left over from whatever catastrophe caused the Ancient Ones to disappear. But eventually, each capital eventually saw a powerful Human Mage, Psychic, and Ki user enter the deepest sanctum at the center of each capital, causing some force within each capital to awaken, and force the capital and its surrounding land away from the Supercontinent. This happened purportedly after the psychic approached the core of the sanctum in every case. It caused the death of the psychic, leaving the Mage and Ki user to spread the story. This happened separately for each capital, but in a relatively small period of time. These events are collectively known as the Severing.

The Post-Severing Period

In time, Humanity adjusted to their new isolated homes, banding together and forming the State-Continents.

While history varies from State-Continent to State-Continent, it is universal that for about the first century after the Severing, Humanity was thrust into a period of darkness and strife as they fought for dominance in their new environments. While each State-Continent achieved unity differently, some seeing city-states rise, which warred until one emerged dominant. Others saw occupants of the capital take advantage of the force roused by the Psychics, quickly dominating all who opposed them with their large populations and ability to put to use the resources available to them exclusively. Others yet saw brilliant politicians unite their people without bloodshed. The State-Continent of XX was the last to achieve unification, as its severing was more intense than that of the other State-Continents, leaving it a mass of close, but independent floating islands. It only saw unification after the development if the skycanoe that typifies transit in the State-Continent.

Over time, all State-Continents, harnessed the resources and mysterious powers of the forces at the center of their capitals, leading to the development of technologies, universally concentrated around the capitals, and gradating to lower levels of technologies further from the capitals. This is due in part to the source of powers that fueled, in part, the advances in technology, the Sources in the capitals, who’s influence wanes away from the capitals. Socioeconomic factors also limit the distribution of tech universally, but most State-Continents enjoy at least internal plumbing universally.

Until 300 years ago the state continents were left to develop in solitude, things changed, however, as flight technologies began to be developed in different State-Continents. This launched a new era in world history, as for the first time since the Severing, the people of the different State-Continents could make contact with one another.

The Age of Flight

Amongst the strife and warfare of the age, prosperity and trade began to emerge.

As the different State-Continents began to encounter each other, war was almost invariably the outcome as language and cultural barriers lead to conflict, and eventually all-out war. As time went on, people began to learn the language of their adversaries which lead to communication between the warring States. Across the world, the ability to communicate lead to increased understanding between enemies, cooling down the heat of war, but it also increased tensions between some States, causing their wars to escalate. Even after all of the wars had ended, and all of the State-Continents had settled back into times of peace, some of the issues between once-warring States continued to simmer in the background, souring their international relations even to this day.

While some relations were strained, by the end of the Warring Period of the Age of Flight most State-Continents had established strong trade relationships, causing a new period of technological and societal growth as resources, ideas and people moved between the State-Continents. Ultimately these changes ushered in the Modern Era.

The Modern Era

Even with their new perspective and prosperity, the State-Continents would come to learn the peace is not something easily maintained.

As the State-Continents left the dust of the Age of Flight behind them they began to thrive and flourish. Droves of people moved to the capitals to benefit from the advanced technology that improved the quality of their lives and the work and educational opportunities that they provided.

While peace has reigned dominant for much of the Modern Era, on occasion Sate-Continents with unresolved issues from the past or who came into conflict over trade or policies have seen skirmishes but not all-out war. As time has gone on, international relations have become increasingly more frayed leaving everyone asking the question, “Just how long until all-out war breaks out?”

Setting Overview

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