Srahlenberg is the capital and major metropolitan center of Tadellos. It has a thriving population of 5.7 million, most of whom are well educated. Strahlenberg serves as the primary center of business, education and politics for the whole of Tadellos. While other Tadellan cities have Universities, Offices of the College, and resources for trade, Strahlenberg is home to the best universities, the Headquarters of the College and most Crystal goes through Strahlenberg before heading out across the State-Continent.


Strahlenberg serves as a sort of melting pot for the smaller cultures of Tadellos, as well as some of the cultures that have strong trading relationships with the State-Continent. As is the case in most of Tadellos, the people of Strahlenberg define themselves first as individuals, then as a part of their peer group. Strahlenbergers generally engage in small social niceties with strangers, such as pleases and thank yous when someone does a small help, like holding a door.


Stahlenberg is by far the most varied city in Tadellos when it comes to immigrant populations. Approximately 70% of the city is ethnically Tadellan (including Ndorjan and other native populations) the other 30% is immigrants, the descendants of immigrants and people of mixed races. 10% of the overall population of Strahlenberg is Qadimjaziran.


Strahlenberg is divided by the Strahlenberg Train System into 5 major sub-cities, filling in the city’s circular frame. One district, the smallest, lies in the center, surrounded by four subcities roughly even in size.


The subcity at the center of Strahlenberg and also the smallest, Downtown is something of a cultural melting pot, where people from all State-Continents, faiths and economic backgrounds interact, coexist, love and hate. At Downtown’s very core is an expansive and lush garden, where the economic and political elite of Tadellos walk happily alongisde paupers and immigrants struggling to make their mark in their new home.

Downtown is the least cohesive of the subcities that make up Strahlenberg. There is no great industry, purpose or even incidental function that drives Downtown and gives it identity. Instead, the convergence of ideas, people and the majesty of the capital imbue the subcity with a unique metropolitan hubub that other subcities sometimes seem to lack in their dogged pursuit to fill their function.

Downtown is home to some of the best and worst Universities in all of Tadellos.

The Zeon District

The Zeon District stands among many of the most intact structures that humans found when they first arrived in Strahlenberg. The Zeon District is home to almost as many travel centers as it is historical relics, from the airport in the Northeast of the subcity to the trainstation at its edge.

The Zeon district is traditionally a low-income subcity, but certain academics and savvy businessmen attracted to the historical sites in the districts have managed to make a fine income between their capitalization of the tourism industry and important research into the sites. The district is home to the annual meeting of the Tadellos Mage’s Association.

The Fender District

Fender is a subcity defined by industry and finance. Once the home to many plants built to refine and process the crystals coming in from mines near and far, the subcity has grown into a thriving financial center, housing the Central Bank of Tadellos and many other prestigious financial institutions.

The subcity is famous for the neighborhood Little Qadimjazira and being the home to several schools of Ki use.

The College District

The College District houses the Capitol building, where the Triumvirate congregate and deliberate on political issues, the Council Chambers, and the Deliberative of the Review Board. The College district is also home to the embassies and consulates of the world’s other State-Continents. The college district is perceived as the most high-class of the subcities of Strahlenberg and as such, many young people aspire to gain enough wealth to move there.

The Afterglow District

Several large, naturally-occurring crystal formations in the sub-city absorb sunlight during the day and glow softly through the night, giving the district its name. The Afterglow is Tadellos’ premiere entertainment center, where actors, musicians and artists flock from all over the country to try and make it in their chosen field of entertainment. Indeed, because of the sheer number of famous people that seem to walk the streets of the sub-city it’s sometimes jokingly referred to as the Starglow District. The Afterglow is also known for it’s thriving, if pretentious, youth culture.


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