The College

The central government of Tadellos and the body that determines the standards and required practices of the Universities. It is headquartered in Strahlenberg. All members of the College are users of Magic, Ki or Psychic Matrices and are Doctors of their chosen fields.


At the head of the College sits Triumvirate, a Mage, a Psychic, and a Ki user voted into office by the citizens of Tadellos, which oversees executive functions at the highest level of the government. They have the ability to declare war, veto laws and are generally seen as the public face of the government. All actions and policies implemented by the Triumvirate must be made by consensus.

Below the Trimvirate sits the Council, composed of one Mage of Every Discipline, on Psychic of every type and one Ki user of every school, the seats on the council are elected positions. The Council’s capacities are legislative in nature, forming and passing bills into law. They also set the standards and practices that the Universities must adhere to to maintain their status as places of learning.

Parallel to the Coucil, and Judicial in function is the Review Board, this is a board of judges who review and interpret the laws passed by the Council. One judge is permitted to the board for every major University, what constitutes a major University is determined by the Triumvirate, but the Council can block the election of a school, should it find reason that the University is unfit for the role. The board is made of eligible persons selected for the position by the president of the University from which the judge originates.
h1. Current Members of the College

The College

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